TwinStar 50mm Refractor telescope review

The well-known company Twinstar with a new kit – Moon map, Space book, Glow-in-the-dark stickers and of course – The Twinstar 50mm refractor telescope. Sounds perfect.

Let’s begin from the telescope itself:

We are taking about 50mm refractor which consider to be average in this branch. Two eyepieces are included in order to provide wide radge of magnifictions. 30X for farther observations ( Galaxies, nebulas etc.) and 48X for close observations (planets, the Moon…)
A tripod is also included with simple Altazimut mount – the meaning of this – you won’t need to deal at all with tracking. It has pros and cons. The advanteg is the ease of use of course, the disadantage is that you actually won’t be able to trace after stars, very sad I know, but completly unnecessary for kids and beginners.

A finderscope is also attached – this device is very important in order to make finding stars and objest easier, but in this case of  a telescope with small diameter, the smaller eyepieces can replace the finderscope.

What do we get in the bundle?

–  Moon map: As the moon is the biggest object in the sky, we can investigte it’s surface. The Moon is full of seas and craters, and they all named after famous people.
The Ultimate Factivity collection space book: Includes activities and facts about the sapce and stargazing.
12 Glow-in-the-dark stickers

In conclusion

The Twinstar 50mm refractor telescope bundle is a great starting point for little astronomer. The included items upgrading the value of the kit, while the price in still relatively cheap for this kind of telescope.

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