Portable telecopes – Travel Scope Vs Goscope


Celestron travel scope and Orion's Goscope - both are portable
telescopes for kids that comes with a backpack, but which one takes?

if you landed on this article you probably know already what you are looking for - a portable, easy to use, and cheap kid's telescope that do the job. In the following paragraphes we're about to take a closer look at two of the best telescopes that the market has to offer to us, for those needs.
Before we dive in, I have to say that for my opinion, the difference is not that big. The scopes are different - the brand, the type, andthe design, but the perforances are pretty much the same, but as a wise customers, I apply to the demand giving you that infrmation:

Celestron 21035 Travel scope:

The most popular telescope among kid's telescopes section for sure. Best ranking at Amazon, since that site is alive, and that means alot.
It's built on a classic tripod, use the refraction optic principles, and gives the user the experience of a 70mm aperture with two included eyepiecs. Great starting point.
The disadvantage - The tripod is consider to be not stable enough, thus it's more clever not to open it too much. In fact, many customers replace the tripod with a nother one, stornger. for the price? It's definetely do the job.

Orion's 10034 Goscope:

Not so far behind, the Goscope is also one of the most popular telescopes in the kid's telescopes section. Yes, we are not talking here about the Best seller on Amazon like the travel scope, but the fact that it belong to Orion company, which known for their high quality products, makes it in my opinion, more trustable than the travel scope.
Moreover  the Goscope kit includes the Moon map 260 - A great portable handbook for finding objects and different land routes on the moon.
The big disadvantage - like the travel scope, the tripod is not stable enough, thus, you should use it carfully and even considering replacing it with a stronger one if planing filming and time-lapses.

Travel scope Vs Goscope

The telescope91DASatqmHL._SL1500_
Orion Goscope
Celestron travel scope
Weight3.5 pounds3.3 pounds
Eyepieces20mm & 9mm20mm & 10mm
PriceView price on AmazonView price on Amazon

Check the full reviews of each one of the telescopes:

Celestron 21035 travel scope                               
Orion 10034 Goscope

In conclusion

So which one will you choose?

Two great beginners telescopes, about the same performances, as well as dimensions. Very hard to decide.
My best device will be - just take the one that looks better to your opinion, the one that you more attracted to, it doesn't really matter anytime you like it.
If you still insist to make the best decision, I would personaly pick the Orion Goscope - without mentioning the fact that Orion's brand is more famous and trustable, The Moon Map 260 that included in the Goscope's kit can improve your kid's experience by far.

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