TAISHAN Telescope For Kids review

3 eye lenses with different magnifications and new tripod, the Taishan new beginners telescope became very popular and there a good reason for it.

Usually it’s very easy to distinguish between a professional telescope for kids, and a toy “telescope”. In this case, the Taishan is standing right on the border between the two. On one hand, this scope looks pretty professional with all the included items, the lenses and design of it. On the other hand, the quality of the observation is probably not good as other telescopes in the category.

The outcome?
A very nice looking and equipped telescope for a very attractive price.

What can we see with the Taishan telescope for kids?

The main lens diameter is 30mm, which is consider to be small among kid’s telescopes. 30mm Aperture will allow you to view the shape of the moon, and maybe it’s surface with a high rate magnification. You’ll be able to see the milky way in a dark night, and maybe even Venus and Mars when they’re shinnig.
I’ll have to add, that one can get much better performances within only few more dollars investment. You can check for more telescopes in better quality here

What’s included in the kit?
taishan telescope for kids

The kit contains the following:
3 Eye pieces – for 3 different magnifications (x20, x40, x60) most likely that you won’t use the x60 magnification because the telescope’s aperture is not big enough.
Star finder – Also known as “finderscope”. This product is important for initial navigating in the sky. The disadvantage about this one is that it’s completely free and not attached to the body of the telescope.
Tripod – when it comes to cheap telescope, I usually say that the tripod is never so promising.  In this case however, the aperture is small and hence the vibrations that may happen because of the tripod won’t be so significant.

In conclusion

If your kid is under 8 years old and you’re looking for a nice toy that can actually work like a real telescope – the Taishan telescope will do the job. It’s has a nice look, there’s some nice included items, and you’ll be able to see things up in the sky. In any other case, where your kid is starting to show curiosity, and passion about science and Astornomy, I would reccomand to make a bit higher investment and get a real telescope.



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taishan telescope for kids

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