Telescope for kids – Scharkspark

It’s been a while since I have published the last review but now I have a good reason to make a new one. The next kid’s telescope, by Scharkspark company, is one of the chipest in compare to it’s qualifications.

Let’s take a closer glimpse.

The Scharkspark’s telescope comes with 3 eyepieces which allows big range of magnifications. This feature is very important for kids and begginers astronomers, because there is a great importance for good exprerience with different magnifications, that gives us different observing options.

From a technicall point of view, this 60 mm refractor telescope has all the qualifications and details to be very convenient, portable and easy to use and to assemple. It’s very light weight, very intuative, the mount of the tripod is very simple to use (regular mount).
A finderscope is included in order to make the process of finding celestial objects much easier.


One more thing that I like about this telescope is the futuristic design – while all the other  companies are quite boring and using the same typical design.

If to talk honestly, Scharkspark could have done better if they were include also a backpack to make the kit extreamly portable, but for that attractive price, we would forgive them.

The included Items in the Kit:

– 60mm Refractor telescope
– 3 Eyepices (x20 x30 x40)
– Tripod
– Finderscope

In conclusion

Scharkspark did a great job with this one. Great qualifications and modern design, this instrument probably gonna make some kids a lot of fun.

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