Pink TwinStar AstroMark Telescope special for girls

The pink Twinstar Astromark can be a perfect gift to a young girl, whether she likes science or not

Astronomy, and science in generally, in spite of what we’ve been told, it’s not only for boys. In young ages, boys and girls tends to buy different hobbies – boys often starts to get intrested in “boys things” like cars, robots and science, and girls usually find other things as attractive. But why our hobbies are determineded according to our gender? Is it fair? Who’s in charge for this partition?

Well, you know the answer for those questions, and we’re not here to discuss cultural issues, but the least I can do for you, is to offer to your girl a path to the great world of Astronomy – and it’s starts now.

Twinstar astromark refractor

pink twinstar

Girls are not limited to one color of course, but the unique color of the Twinstar Astromark refractor maybe can break the psychological barrier of a young girl, and help her to be proud of her new hobbie, even infront of her friends.

The main use for the Twinstar Astromark is moon whatching, thanks to it size and magnification abilities. The aperture diameter is 50mm, and when combined with the included eyepieces, we can get a clear and beautiful view of the moon to details.

For this we would prefer to use the strong eyepieces (x48).

For further obsevations, we would prefer to use the smaller eyepiece (x30)


We can also use the Finderscope to ease the orientation if we “get lost” at the sky. The solution is to point the finderscope to the chosen location at the sky (The finderscope has a smaller magnification power). After we do so, we would view with the telescope itself.

The telescope comes with:

Moon map – can be very fun and efficient

pink twinstar

The ultimate factivity collection space book

telescope for girls

 And for dessert – 12 glow in the dark star stickers – a nice bonus!


In conclusion

The pink TwinStar Astromark can be a nice beginners telescope for kids in generally, but I think it can be also a perfect gift to a girl, thanks to it’s unique color, and to it’s included accesories.

And yet, it’s still not the best telescope for it’s price. After all, the color can be one consideration when buying this telescope, but eventually, the quality is more important than how it “looks”.

Alternative recommended kids telescopes – Travel scopeMeade InfinityFunscope

Make your choice, according to your own familiarity with your kids. After all, for some of them, visual attraction is an important factor, and it can help them preserve this hobbie.

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