Goscope 10034 Orion Review: Telescope for kids

Orion goscope


Orion Goscope 10034 is considered to be one of the best starting points in astronomy for children.  Easy to use, portable, and most importantly - excellent performances.

The Goscope 10034 has very much to offer;

orion goscope
A lunar eclipse as it looks through the Goscope

The 70mm aperture of the Goscope 10034 collects enough light and allows us to view the moons of jupiter, the rings of saturan, comets and many more objects in the solar system, of course when using the included eyepieces. It is also strong enough to reach farther observations like open clusters, Andromeda galaxy and more.


The Goscope comes with "Moon map 260" - a great handbook for lunar observations. It helps you find craters, mountains and easily orientate yourself on the moon surface.

One of the greatest advantages of the Goscops is it's portabilty. All the included parts fit perfectly into a small backpack which you can carry everywhere. This feature makes the Goscope very comfortable to use and assemble.

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Included items:

- 70mm refractor telescope with simple camera mount.

- Tripod

-2 eyepieces- The “stronger” eyepiece with 10mm diameter, gives a ×40 magnification and suitable mainly for planetary observations. The second 25mm eypiece gives us ×16 magnification which it's more suitable for farther targets.

- Lunar guide “Moon map 260”

- Backpack

Problem that you should consider with the Goscope 10034

Like most instumenrs in this price range, the main problem is the tripod. When fully extended It might be wobbly in high magnifications. In order to solve this issue, some customers offer creative solutions like using rubbers in order to fasten the tripod. Honestly, I don't think that starting to renovate the tripod is a good idea. After all, most of the costumers are satisfied. If you still want to improve the stabilization, you may consider bying a stronger tripod, but then, you probably would like to invest more money for a bigger telescope. My bottom line is that with proper use of the Goscope, this is a very minor issue, considering the magnifications this telescope is meant for.

Last words

The Goscope 10034 is a another great telescope by Orion. It offers a good portable design, simplicity and no compromise on quality. I greatly recommend this fantastic instrumant for children and adults together.


Orion Goscope 10034

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