Orion 11043 SpaceProbe 3 review

spaceprobe 3

Big aperture, strong tripod, excellent quality and for dessert - nice included accesories. The SpaceProbe 3 is a great kid's telescope by one of the telescopes market leader company.


Orion Spaceprobe 3 is a uniqe instrument among kid's telescopes - It has a reflector body, but it's stands on a tripod mount, unlike most of the children's reflectors that usually use a tabletop mount. This design combines between the advantages of each telescopes type, and bring this instument to a new level. Let's check this out:

What can we see with the Spaceprobe 3?:

The moon through the Spaceprobe (credit to vinnypal_97)

76 mm aperture is consider to be big enough for beginners needs. Two eyepieces are included in order to give a wide range of magnifications. The small eyepiece (strong magnification) will allow you to view "far" objects, like galaxies and other things beyond the solar system, and the big eyepiece (low magnification) will allow you to concentrate in closer objectgs, like the moon and the other planets. Of course you can use the smaller one for closer objects as  well, but the big eyepiece, for most of the time, will do the job.


The telescope comes with a strong tripod on AZ mount. The AZ mount is simple and intuative to use. Just point to your target by moving the telescope Up&Down, Left&Right. The mount is easy to assemble and your kid can do it on his own.

Accesories (Included Items)

EZ finder - based on the principal of Red-dot. This device will allow you to find celletial object as easy as possible. The red-dot principal of the finder consider to be more kid-friendly thanks to it's simplicity.
Collimation cap
Starry night astronomy software - for more significant educational experience

Product information table


Orion 11043 spaceprobe 3
Weight8.4 lbs
Focal lentgh700mm
FinderscopeEZ finder ll reflex sight
Included Items - Collimation cap & Starry night astronomy software
- Star Target planisphere
- Moon Map
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In conclusion

The Spaceprobe 3 is a great telescope for beginners and kids. The well known company "Orion" keep on the high quality standarts also when it comes to kid's telescopes. The SpaceProbe 3 is also a good example of different stagazing principles combined, what makes it an interesting telescope. The included Software will keep your kid in the business even in a cloudy night.

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spaceprobe 3

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