Moon filter and barlow lens – improve your kid’s stargazing experience

How to improve your kid’s stargazing experience with a minimal investment on recommended accessories for children’s telescopes – Moon filter & 2x Barlow.

Simplicity is super important, especially when talking about telescope for kids . We always want to minimize the needless distractions while giving our children pure experience of stargazing. On the other hand, we want the best experience for our children, espeacily when the kid’s showing outstanding interesting.

Now,I truly belive that a big investment in a young stargazer is not compulsory at all, and yet, with minimal investment,we can use some basic accessories to improve the stargazing experience.


Orion 1.25” 2x barlow

The avarage aparture diameter of the telescope that we dealing with is aroung 70mm. Our formula to calculate the biggest magnification shows us that under optimal conditions we are able to increase the magnification for a 70mm aparture to ×140.

The common included eyepices aren’t exploiting even half of those abilities, and this is when the Barlow comes in.

The barlow increase any given magnification of any given eyepiece twice. The advantage of having the ×2 barlow is that we can use it for any eyepiece and thus to increase our magnifications range by twice. Very efficient product!71Vj0OQL3gL._SL1500_

My recommendation is the Orion 08711 shorty 1.25” 2× barlow lens – best seller on Amazon, resonable price, and simple to use! This barlow is cheaper than most of the eyepieces,and doing a great job.

With the 08711 barlow by Orion, you’ll be able to double your telescope for kids strength – improving your stargazing abilities, by duplicating the eyepieces magnification.


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Transmission 13% moon filter by Orion

The next accessory Im about to recommend, is acutely like a telescope’s sunglasses. Im talking about the 05662 13 percent transmission moon filter, which like the barlow its also made by Orion company.

The purpose of the moon filter is to reduce the amount of the moon’s reflected light. Why?

The moon behaves like a giant mirror that reflects the light of the sun. When observing the moon, especially when its fully, the brightness is so strong that Its very hard to view specific details. The moon will look like a big radiant ball.

Orion moon filter 13%

Since we’re intrested to view details on the moon’s surface, like creaters mountains and so on, the solution is to reduce the brightness with the help of the 13 percent transmission moon filter. The filter absorbs about 87 precent of the moon’s light, allowing us to get a sharp, beautiful detailed image.

Improve your childrens equipment. With a mininal investment, you can increase the value of the stargazing experience a lot. Do not get lost. There is a lot of additional accessories for beginners telescopes all around the web, but if you are aiming it for a kid, most of them are useless.

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The Orion 08711 barlow and the Orion 05662 Transmission moon filter are both best sellers on Amazon – and for a good reason. The only accessories you ever needed in order to improve the experience of a telescope for kids.

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