Meade Infinity 90mm AZ Vs Orion 10013 Goscope

Orion 10013 Goscope and Meade Infinity 90mm are two of the best kid's telescopes at the market. People often find it hard to decide which one of them is the most suitable for their need, in spite of the fact that they're pretty different in many aspects. In this comparison article we'll see the cons and pros of each one, which features they're sharing and what is the differences between them.

The telescopes:

Orion 10013 goscope 80mm tabletop refractor
When talking about telescopes for kids, this is definitely the flagship product of Orion company. With 80mm aperture and perfect easy to use table top design, the goscope is an worthy opponent.

Meade Infinity 90mm AZ Refractor
This model is standing exactly on the border between telescope for kids, and professional telescope. And when we talking about Meade company we talking about Quality and reliabiliy.

What are we looking for:

Performances - give your kids the best experience
Simplicity - avoid needless frustration
Mobility - be able to take the telescope everywhere

Product information table


Orion 10013 Goscope


Meade Infinity 90mm

Weight5.56 lbs11.2
Focal lenth350mm600mm
Eyepieces20mm 10mm26mm 9mm 6.3mm
Bagnot includednot included
MountDobsonianAZ mount
Rate on Amazon4.5/54/5
Included Items-Includes Astronomical Software and Instructional DVD
PriceView price on AmazonView price on Amazon

Orion 10013 Goscope:

Performances - 80mm apertur, 2 sizes of eyepieces.
Simplicity - Simple red-dot finder, easy to use and intuative Dobsonian mount.
Mobility - weight only 5.35 lbs, small dimenions, flat mount (not suitable for all kind of surfaces). no bag included.

Meade Infinity 90mm AZ

Performances - 90mm, 3 eyepieces

Simplicity - Simple red-dot finder, AZ mount, educational accesories included.

Mobility - Weight 11.2 lbs (twice the Goscope), larger dimensions, tripod mount ( suitable for every kind of surface). no bag included. Buy the dedicated carry bag HERE


In a first look, it easy to notice that the Infinity 90mm is eventually better than the 10013 Goscope. It's aperture is bigger, and more eyepieces are included, hence, the magnifications range grows up automatically.

But we can't consider only the abilities of the telescope. The size of the Infinity 90mm is considerably bigger than the Goscope's size, and more over - it's weights more than twice the Goscope!

But this is not all - while the 10013 Goscope mount is limited only to flat surfaces like tables etc., the tripod of the Infinity 90mm can adjust to every kind of surfaces - and thus, to my opinion, is applicable for camping and backyard stargaznig, despite it's large demensions. (Consider buying this bag)

In conclusion

The Infinity 90mm is a great telescope but very large and heavy. The 10013 Goscope is also a wonderful instrument, lighter and small, but not as suitable as the Infinity when talking about outdoor stargzaing.


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