Kids toy binoculars For less than 20$

kids toy binoculars

Kids toy binoculars for fun and educational outdoor activites

What is a binocular?

Binocular is an optic decive we’re using for many different purposes, like stargazing, birds whatching, landscapes observing and more.
The main advantage of the binocular is it’s light weight and small size which makes it portable, easy to use and convenient. Unlike the telescope, the binocular does’nt requires any assembling, what makes it a perfect outdoor tool.

How to choose a toy binocular?

Our mission when buying a toy binocular to our child, is getting him interested in nature and observing rather than spending a lot of money on an expensive product. We want them to get related with their new toys, and that’s bring us to our first point – Design.
Some kids prefer realistic design, other kids will prefer an alternative design, like an animal, or even a plane.
The second most important thing, is ease of use. A binocular with too many functions, or too big magnification might be hard to use and might be too frustrating for a child use.
On the other hand, a too cheap or too simple product, can be disappointing as well.

Sounds complicated? Don’t worry I’m here to help.

In the next article I created a list of the best kids toy binoculars I could find. All of the products in this post are great, easy to use and affordable. Eanjoy

The 3 bees & me children’s toy binoculars are desinged as a classic binoculars, and that’s also how the company is marketing this product – a real binocular with actual binacular abilities. 
The magnification of the binocular is x8 which is pretty high for a product in this price range. 
The toy binocular is also claimed to be shockproof, and if it’s not enough, they include also a small travel pouch.
This binocular is good for bird watching, landscapes and moon stargazing ( never stare at the sun!)

The company also offers a 60 days money back guarantee, in case your are not satisfied.

kids toy binoculars
How to use toy binoculars?
1. Never look directly at the sun
2. Let you eyes have a rest every 20 minuets
3. Before use, make sure that the lenses are clean
best telescope for kids
Binoculars expert

The next binoculars, unlike the previous one, are actually more toys than actuall bunoculars. It’s suitable for younger kids, and the magnification abilities are not outstanding (x4) but the design of the binoculars is very pretty what explain the high popularity of this product on Amazon.
Altough this toy binocular is a “pretending” toy, the existing small magnification will allow your kids to understand the use of the binocular and to enjoy observing the nature.

Buggy design

toy binoculars

butterfly design 

kids toy binoculars

 Lightweight and pretty design, the little experimenter bunny binocular is one of my favorite in this list. It’s design is addorable and unique, the dimentions of the binocular are slightly bigger than the avarage what makes it very convenient to hold, especially for small kids. 
The bunny toy binocular is perfect for outdoor activities.

The only thing that I would changed about this product is the too small magnification. With only x2 magnification ability, kids might miss out the full experince of using a binocular. 

Children's toy binoculars

The Zeinum children’s toy binoculars are addorable, safe and has high performances. With x8 magnification rate, the Zeinum binocular is perfect for bird watching, bugs observing and many other outdoor activities. 
The real nice thing about this product though, is the addorable design. It will encourage your child to discover the nature and it’s secrets, and all that for an affordable price.

The binocular comes also with a neck strap to make sure your child won’t lose it.

children's toy binoculars

The military design might be missleading, but this is indeed a children’s toy binocular. With magnification of x4 you will be able to see up to 200 meters, and use it for bird whatching, nature observing, or any other common binoculars activity.
Unlike other children’s toy binoculars in this list, this binocular has a more “realistic” design of how a binocular actually looks like. Some kids will prefer this realistic design rather than others.

best binoculars for kids

For parents: Understanding of how binocular works and how to use it.

In conclusion

Toy binoculars are great gift for boys or girls who like nature, observing and discovering. The toy binoculars are lightweight, easy to use and extreamly portable.
In this article I tried to bring to you a selection of different kinds of kids toy binoculars, with different features and different designs. If you have’nt find your preferd children’s binocular, and you might be interested to read about telescopes for kids, please start here.

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