Infinity Meade 70mm review

Meade Infinity 70mm AZ refractor

Easy to use, educational and affordable telescope for kids – view the night sky with the Infinity 70mm AZ refractor by Meade

The searching after the best telescope for kids are endless – there’s no perfect telescope since every kid has a nother details like different age, interest in astronomy, and patience. But I still feels confident to recommend the next telescope, 70mm Infinity by Meade, as an out standing instrument for its special features – qualitative, educational and very equipped telescope.


The moon through the Meade Infinity (credit: sandipapifarell)

The only con with this telescope, to my opinion, is that it’s not portable enough as I usually expects kid’s telescope to be. Anyway, since not all of us planning outdoor stargazing, if portability is not one of your main requirements, this telescope still can be your perfect choice.

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If mobility is still an important issue for you, consider having this bag.

Why the Infinity is such a wonderful telescope for kids?


The first thing we look after, as always,is the aperture. The 70 mm refractor’s lens gather amount of light which allows the observer to view variety of o, inside and outside the solar system. In addition, the well-polished lenses by Meade, are very durable – doesn’t need any frequent alignment. And for dessert, the closed-tube design of the refractor prevents from dust to accumulate and makes the ongoing maintenance of the telescope to be extremely easy.


The AZ mount of the Infinity is very efficient as well as easy to use

The mount of the Infinity is based on the principal of Alt Az mount, which it means that the telescope can move it two axes – left to right and up and down. This kind of mount usually makes tracing a little bit harder, but this is definitely not the case here. A slow motion control rod is built-in, in order to maximize tracing abilities. Anyway, Alt-Az mount’s main advantage is simplicity – and this is what we seeking for.

The easy mount makes assembling very simple and quick allowing the kids to concentrate in the stargazing experience itself.


Red dot viewfinder

The red dot viewfinder allows better orientation in the sky, and also increase the fun!

A Finderscope is considered to be very useful when it combined with a small aperture telescope. Small aperture telescopes (like almost every telescope for kids) works on low magnifications, and thus, a “weak” eyepiece is usually takes the place of a finderscope.

For those who still want some accessory to simplify orientation, a Red dot viewfinder is perfect. Its works on an absolutely different optic principle, and it’s extremely easy to use, fun, and helpful.



The included eyepieces and Barlow gives a big range of magnifications

The Infinity comes with 2 eyepieces – low magnification (26 mm) and high magnification (6.3 mm). But this is not all: the Infinity also comes with a x2 Barlow which can increase any given eyepiece’s magnification twice. This combination of 2 eyepiece and a Barlow give us a very rare variety of magnifications in compare to other kids telescopes within this prices range.


Handbook and astronomical software

The instructions handbook will help you to assemble the mount and the telescope itself. It is a compulsory item in kids telescope’s kits, and for first-time adults stargazers either. The astronomical software purpose is to expand your children’s astronomical knowledge towards their first meeting with this topic.

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For my opinion, the more portable kid’s telescope is, the better, because a major part of the experience is to be able to “grab and go” the telescope when all the family camping or traveling. The Infinity is a little heavy (Check the full specification of the Amazon page) is compare to other telescopes at this prices range or aperture diameter range. 

Anyway, if you don’t want to compromise for less, you can consider buying this Meade’s pack – suitable pack for this particular instrument and more.


In conclusion:

infinity meade 70mm
You can see more than stars and planets of course (credit: sandipapifarell)


The  AZ 70mm Infinity refractor by Meade is an excellent first-time telescope, especially for kids. Its involves high quality performances with an ideal specification.


Infinity 70mm AZ refractor by Meade


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