Geosafari constellation and sollar system explorer review

Geosafari explorer

No need to leave the room, huge amount of educational information, and the joy is promised – the new gift from Educational Insights –  “Geosafari explorer constellation and solar system explorer

When it’s raining, cloudy, or maybe just because you want to avoid all the complexity of using a telescope and finding real stars – the new Geosafari explorer telescope product is just for you.
It allows you to project different screens on the walls in your house. You can project in the guestroom, and learn with your kids about the night’s sky, and you can project it in your children’s room, just before they fall a sleep.

geosafari explorer
project it on the wall

The screens includes 12 different Zodiac constellations, the moon and the sun, all the planets, the big and the little dipper.
Each of these sky objects comes in 3 different screen’s modes, when each mode represent an additional layer of information.

For exmaple, lets take a look at this scorpion different screens:

The first screen mode, shows the constellation as it looks regulary, without adding any information.

Educational insights Geosafari
screen 1

The second screen mode adds a new layer that shows the lines between the stars of the constellations:

telescope for kids
screen 2

The third screen shows the shape of the constellation based of the imaginary lines – it’s an extreamly powerfull educational tool, and many headaches can be prevented by using this brilliant presentation.

kids telescopes
screen 3

It helps the children overcome the gap of understanding how can a group of starts create an complex shape like a bear, scoropion, or an hunter.

What do I like about the Geosafari explorer:

1. Extreamly protable – you can use it everywhere
2. Easy to use, no need to assemble anything, no fear of losing components
3. Very joyful – both for kid’s and adults.
4. Contains huge mass of information that delivered in a creative way
5. Includes an handbook about the constellations and the myths behind each of them.


What could have been better:
well, this site dealing mainly with real telescopes, and it’s important to remember that this is not a telescope and can not be compared to a real one. Nevertheless, when judging this porduct for it’s own purpose – as an educational toy, it’s hard to find bad words to say.



Included item:

A great 28-pages colorful handbook with explanations about the stories and myths behind the constellations in the kit.


In conclusion:

Great product, very intuative, easy to use and fun. You can use it literary everywhere you can find a wall or a white screen. Very educational and probably the best way to introduce children to the wonderful world of Astronomy. Of course you must remember that this is not a telescope, but just an toy, with the shape of an telescope. For children who are already have some idea about astronomy and want to accumulate more experience and take a step forward, I wouldn’t necessarily reccomend it.

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