Funscope 10033 Orion telescope for kids

Orion Funscope

Orion 10033 FunScope – great telescope for kids on dobsonian mount. Large aperture (76mm) on a stable mount, including “moon map 260” for educational experience.

When the engineers at Orion company started to plan and built the 10033 Funscope, they probably tried to create an instrument that shows the greatest performances for the smallest price in order to make what’s looks like a perfect telescope for kids.

So yes, not everything is perfect, but for this funny price you can definitely make your children enjoy stargazing and astronomy while developing a new hobby.

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What can we view with the 10033 Funscope

If this isn’t your first article in this site then you know the answer – it depends on the eyepieces, but the 76mm aperture gives us a large magnification potential.

With the lower eyepiece (x15) you’ll be able to view deep-sky object like the milky way, clusters, nebulas and more. It’s also efficient when starting “closer” observation and trying to find destinations to focus on.

With the bigger eyepiece (x30) you’ll be able to take a closer look at different objects inside the solar system like planets, planet’s moon, and of course – our moon. More over, the Included moon map will help you to orientate on the moon surfaces finding specific details.


The dobsonian mount of the Funscope make both assembling and tracing very easy and appropriate for children use. The telescope move in two axes – up and down and left to right allowing us to target the telescope easily.

Red dot viewfinder

This is the Funscope’s advantage in compare to similar instruments by other companies. Although some will say that a viewfinder is unnecessary on a “small aperture” telescope, and the weak eyepiece can do that job, I think that it might be helpful, especially for kids. more over – it’s pretty fun to use, so it can increase your kids interesting in the telescope for sure.

Last words

The Funscope is a very simple telescope in every aspect. It was built on a classic Dobsonian mount, and designed to make the stargazing easy as possible – for both kids and amateur astronomers. It also includes the helpful “Moon map 260” in order to make stargazing accessible as much. For it price – it’s definitely a great telescope. Pleasure is guaranteed!


Orion Funscope

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