Emarth telescope for kids


Emarth travel scope has all the features to become the next popular kid’s telescope, from perfect aperture’s size to many included items for enhancing the user experience to the top level.

The new telescope by Emarth company seems to be the first kids/stargzing product of the company. The company has some record with binoculars and spotting scopes which is good, because that means they put emphasis on portability and comfort – two very important features of nature observing equipment. And this is what we’re looking for as well when we trying to udjust a telescope (a scienstific tool that can be very complicated) to a curious child.

So we’ve understand why this new company outhere worth testing. Now lets have a look at the telecope itself.

Optical specification

The aperture has the diameter of 70mm which is standart for a kid’s telescope. The telescope itself is a refractor. The main reason why we like refractors when it comes to telescope for kids is because it requires less maintenance so we have one thing less to worry about.
You can read more about the difference between the two types here.

Helpful included optical items:

Finder scope – some people will say that under low magnifications the finder scope is useless. Me and many others think it’s helpful anytime it’s magnification is smaller than the eyepiece’s magnification. What’s certain is that it’s a great tool for understanding nightsky navigating, and can be used also for closer observations.

lenses – The telscope comes with two included lenes – 25mm which offers X14.4 magnification, and 6mm which offers X60 magnification. Remember – high magnification is not always the best. We need to adjust the magnification to the spesipic observed object. When we’re aiming the telescope to the solar system closer objects we would use the 6mm lens with supply 60 times magnification. For any further use we will use the smaller one, to ensure we wont get a blury image.

Barlow lens – I think it’s the first time a barlow is added to a kid’s telescope kit, at least as far as I know, but it’s a great idea. This one lens will double your magnidication range and make the experience more diverse and rich. Usually I recommend to buy it separately.

Tripod – The tripod is not an optical tool, but it has significant implications for the stargzing experince. A bad quality tripod will allow vibrations. An invisible vibration, can become a significant shaking when using high magnifications. Usually, the tripods that comes with relativley cheap telescopes have a  bad quality, but in this case the comments seems to be very positive about the telescope stability. Anyways, this is an issue that may be need further thinking.

What can we see with the Emarth telescope?

So after wev’e understand few thing about the optics of this telescope and about the included optical tools, let’s understand what can we see with it?
Inside the solar system – The moon is going to be probably the first station for any young stargazer. The 6mm lens will do the job here, and if the image is blury, one can attach the barlow lens to the 25mm to get an average magnification. All other solar system’s object should be seen easily with the 6mm lens.
outside the solar system – The aperture is probably not big enough to use the 6mm lens for these kind of observations. The 25mm lens will do here the job better, and you’ll be able to see Andromeda galaxy, Pleiades and more reaativley “closer” objects.

Other included Items

One more nice thing that I really like about this kit is it’s included items:
Carry bag – The highlight of this product. What makes that telescope so portable apart of the size and the easy assembling. You can take the kit wherever you want – that makes outdoor stargazing possible as well.
Map of moon and stars – This colorfull map is in my opinion important not less than the scope itself. This is your child’s first step into the Astronomy world, and his first knowledge source in defult. That particular map is very simple and enjoyable.
Manual – I dont find that manual so necessary, as the mounting of the telescope is very intuative and easy, but the instractions are exist for your peace of mind.

ProductEmarth travel scope
Product dimensions18.1x8.7x4.4 inches
item weight2.87 pounds
Focal lentgh360mm
Amazon customer satisfaction4.4/5
priceView the price on Amazon

In conclusion

Portability and ease of use are two very importent Properties for kid’s telescopes. The Emarth new travel scope seems to do the job very well with many other additional helpful features.


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