Celestron 21035 Travel Scope review

telescope for kids

If you are looking for a cheap, easy-to-use and portable telescope, the Travel scope may be your ultimate choice!

This is the first post I wrote to this blog, two years ago (if you read it at 2017).
So far, the Travel scope is still the most popular kid's telescope in every measure.

With a large 70mm Aperture, considered big for a children's telescope, the travel scope can provide amazing images of the solar system, the universe, and extraterrestrial objects. And guess what? it all comes in a compact backpack, which allows you to carry the telescope and it's accessories anywhere, and assemble it in several minutes.


Let's get a glimpse of this great telescope:


travel scope 70mm
The kit is very compact (credit: vallinatacos)

In my opinion, the greatest advantages of the Travel scope are its portability and affordability. The backpack seems small, but actually it contains all the included accessories and the telescope itself! And there is still enough place to add your own items such as guides, stargazing maps and more. The best part of the Travel scope, except it's portability and the easy mount and use, is that it's an affordable instrument. This is an excellent first telescope for every child and amateur adult.


What can we find with the Travel scope?

The Travel scope comes with 2 eyepieces, 10mm (increasing x40) and 20mm (increasing x20). For lunar and planetary observations I recommend using both eyepieces until you get your wanted view. This will allow you to view the moon surface and it's craters, Saturn rings, and the moons of Jupiter. For "far" observations, like open clusters, double stars and more, you’d probably prefer to work with lower power (20mm eyepiece) in order to get sharp and beautiful image.

The eyepiece shows correct image in order to fit children's needs

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The included items of the Travel scope are:


2 eyepieces with different magnifications - 10mm (x40) , 20mm(x20)

Tripod - The tripod is very useful and portable mainly because its light weight, but on the other hand it can hard to control the vibrations when fully expanded.

Travel scope tripod Celestron
The tripod is very dynamic, but when fully expended, it can be unstable when using high magnification

Finderscope -(increasing x5)  The purpose of the finderscope is to help you find a specific point in the sky with low magnification. Some customers suggest that there is no problem to orientate with the 20mm eyepiece, and the finderscope is useless. In any case, I think it's important to try both options in order to gain some experience.

Instructions handbook - This handbook will help you mount the telescope, find celestial objects and operate the telescope with your children. It comes in few languages.

Backpack - This backpack is the highlight of the Travel scope. It makes it incredibly portable and allows you to use it anywhere! there is enough space for the included items and more.

The backpack is the highlight of this product. It fits all the included items and more

To summarize

Honestly, the Celestron 21035 travel scope is one of the best choices to make when taking your first steps in astronomy. For less than 70$ you're buying your children the opportunity to visit the outer space and the solar system, from your backyard, or any place you wish.



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