Celetron 21024 Firstscope review – easy to use, cheap kid’s telescope

The Celestron Firstscope 21024 offers a special educational Dobsonian design with names of famous scientist and past-astronomers on the tube. The high quality of this scope is expressed within a large 3” aparture diameter (76mm).

This scope is one of the most popular telescopes among the same category. If you want to prevent needless headaches, you’d better check this out.

The dobsonian design of this telescope makes it very simple for use and assembly. The Alt-Az special mount of the dobsonian is very intuitive and doesn't require any alignment or calibration. One just need to move the scope in two axes - up and down,left to right, in order to aim it wherever he wants to.

What can we view with this scope?

The moon with Firstscope (credit to Southern_coinworks)


As I said, a 3” aparture is considerd to be large among children's telescopes. The included eyepieces of this product exploit very well the whole spectrum of possible magnifications. With the 15× eyepiece You'll be able to view far galaxies, star clusters and double stars. For “closer” celestial objects like planets and the surface of the moon, the ×75 eyepiece will do a better job.

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Firstscope (credit to southern_coinworks)


Included items:

- Dobsonian 76mm telescope,very simple Alt-Az mount.

- 2 eyepieces (×15 and ×75)

What is not included:

- A finderscope is missed, but the ×15 eyepices is perfect for finding objects easily so a finderscope is pretty much unnecessary.

- The introductions page is considerd to be very poor according to customers opinions. Although the product is designed to be very easy to use, and if you still find it hard, you can find this information on the web.

In conclusion:

We don't need too many words to describe this telescope. It's very simple, intuitive, grab and go instrument, every extra word is needless. This is the perfect path on the way to fall in love with astronomy for every kid within less than 50$.



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