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best telescope for kids

5 best telescope for kids Ideas you can get under $100

A purchase of a new product like a telescope for kids is always a difficult task, especially when you’re not that familiar with the branch, and you feel overwhelmed by too much information. 
Let’s make it easy:
In the next article you’re about to get every piece of knowledge you need. When you finish reading, you’ll know excatly which product will fit your needs.

If your’e familiar with this topic, you can skeep to the reviews section right after the next paragraph.

What Do We Look For In A Telescope For kids?

There’s so many telescopes out there – what makes the searching to be confusing and overwhelming. Generally speaking, we can say that the more expensive the telescope is, the bigger, and difficult to use it is.
We Don’t want all of that, we want to focus our searching on the next features:
1. Portablity – The smaller the telesope, the more portable it is. If it small enough and it can fit a nice bag, we can take it outside to a familiy camp, or to the backyard.
2. Ease of use – Ease of use is super important. Kid’s tends to get bored fast. Preventing unnecessary headache is one of the main keys to open our kid’s door to the world of astronomy.
3. Price – We’re not going to pay too much simply because we don’t need. A cheap and good telescope will provide all we need for the kids. Moreover – sticking with a cheap product will ensure we stay portable and simple.

Now When we know what’s important, let’s take a look on what we have. First I want to make it clear – All the telescopes in this page will do a good job, no matter what you choose.

Best telescope for kids

I decided to open the list with this telescope because it’s probably the most popular product under this branch, and for good reasons. The Aperture size in 70mm which is great for a kid’s telesope. The two included eyepieces make the experience of using the telescope diverse, but not too difficult and confusing at the same time.

The telescope with all the included items can fit perfectly into the backpack, and that makes it a perfect protable telescope.
Bad things?
The included tripod claims to be too weak. That’s means, on high manifications, every little move become considerly bigger and makes the stargzing become a fairly hard task.
What can we do about it?
You can always avoid opening the tripod full size. That’s will reduce the unwanted motions significantly. The second option is to use a better tripod you can find here.
You can find more detalils about the product on the exclusive review page or check the Amazon page

The firstscope (by Celestron as well) is an addorable telescope with excalent features (and the cheapest on this list by the way)

The Aparture size is 76mm, which is bigger than the travel scope. Two eyepieces included as well, and the typical “Dobsinian mount” won’t let any motions and vibrations to exist (unlike a tripod).
The telescope’s body is full of famous astronomes and physicians names, as an additional educational feature.
Why second and not first place?
Well, it might be controversial, but I think that kid’s usually prefer the “typical” design of a telescope, laying on a traditional tripod. Of course – case by case. If you like this telescope, that means all.
You can check the exclusive review here or check out the official product page:

There are two main types of telescope designs. You can read about the differences, advantages and disadvantages here.
best telescope for kids
CEO at Krusty Krub

As can be understood from the name, the Orion Goscope is a portable telescope for kids. The kit includes a backpack that can contain all the parts. Easy to see that this product is a very tough competitor to the Celestron’s travel scope, but who wins?

The tripod of the Goscope is deffinetly more stable than the celestron’s tripod, but it’s also fairly easy to come over this weakness as we have seen earlier.
The main unadvantage of the Goscope hence, is a bit more complex assembling which claimed to be frustrating by some costumers.
Don’t get me wrong – The Orion Goscope is still an amazing product and amazing telescope to it’s price. To read more about the Goscope check the exclusive product page here, or visit the Amazon’s official page:

The Emarth kid’s telescope is a considerly new product on this market, but doing very well so far. Two eyepieces are included apart of an high quality finderscope and a barlow lens. 

The telescope’s kit comes also with a carrying bag, but not a backpack. That’s means for me it makes this product considerly less portable than other option we have seen before. 
Apart of this small disadvantage we can only say good things – there’s a variety of included items like maps, stickers and lenses – which all toghether makes the experience of using this telescope a very nice and uniqe.
You can check out the full review first or visit the Amazon’s page:

When buying a telescope for kids, try to avoid equatorial mount as it's fairly hard to use and unnecessary
best telescope for kids
A struggeling musician

I saved this one to the end because, well, it seems to be perfect. We’re talking about a refractor telescope with typical design, 70mm aperture diameter, 2 eyepieces and a barlow, strong tripod and backpack. What else do we need?

Not much.
The reason I decided to bring this one to the end of the list is only because I’m not familiar with this product yet. It’s hard to honestly recommend somthing you don’t really know well.
And yet – I think that this telescopes overcomes very well on all the disadvantages that has arose with the previous products.
I’v never wrote any full review about this product before, so for further information you can visit  the Amazon’s page:

So, have you find the best telescope for kids? hard to answer. All the products on this article are good and interesting – each on his own way. 
If you have found this article helpful, please let me know and leave a comment!

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