Best Astronomy books for kids

5 of the best astronomy books for kids that will increase your children's curiosity, knowledge and pleasure.

Buying your kids a suitable telescope is an easy task. Buying thier curiosity is much harder. Astronomy is a wonderful brunch, although somtimes it can be a little bit distant and incomprehensible, and this is what we gonna slove in this article. I'm going to introduce you my favorite 5  astronomy books/pamphlets for kids, stargazing and whats between them. Whether you children are already interested in astronomy or they're completly new to this, it can always enrich their knowledge and preserve their curiosity inclination. Stick with me!

National geographic little kids first big book of space (catherine D. Hughes)

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I've decided to place this book as number 1 because its the best seller of Amazon, and that's means alot. When people like something, it's the strongest indication for it's an equivalent book. In a first view it looks like an ordinary national geographic pamphlet, with the familiar yellow frame, but when you start browsing inside, you find out spectacular kids-friendly design with dozens of images and caricatures made by the illustrator David A. Aguilar.

astronomy books for kids

The big book of space is divided into 5 chapters, and every chapter deals with a different topic. The first three chapters deals mainly with the solar system and what's between - the Earth, the sun, the moon, the plants, comets, asteroids and more. astoronomy books for kids

The fourth Chapter takes the journey one step forward and explains about objects beyond the solar system into the deep space - stars, galaxies, black holes and more. The last chapter discuss the exploration of the space, the research after external life, and the interactions between the man and the space.

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Child's introduction to the night sky (Michael driscoll & Meredith hamilton)

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The night sky

Now,this book is a little bit different from the one above. While the NGC Big book of space is an absolutely informative book, this one tells a story, and gives practical tools for stargazing and sky orientation.

The “child's introduction to the night sky” begins with telling the story of the scientist and astronomers who promoted the space invastigation, explain about their achievements and give a background about the sollar system. The more “practical” part of the book deals with the stars constellations, and sky orientation. Firstly, it tells the stories and the myths behind the constellations, and how to find them in the sky. The book is full of tools in order to apply the informative knowledge - sky-maps, sidebar with practical remarks, and a special star-wheel - an helpful tool aims to allow orientation in the night sky considering the location and the season of the observation.

the night sky

This book is very recommended especially for kids who already shows a great interest in astronomy but also intrested in enriching their knowledge and the option to take the business to the practical side.

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50 Things to see with a small telescope (John A Read)

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astronomy book for kids

The special about this book is that it's intended for all ages, but I still feels completely comfortable to recommend it mainly for children. This book is perfect for amature astronomers, and kids are included!

Actually, the name is pretty much describing this book. John Read, an amature astronomer, share his knowledge about astronomy and stargazing giving the readers 50 targets to see with a small telescope (check out small telescopes here). The list he build is very interesting. Apart of celestial targets, Read included also targets like birds, international space station, and more...

astronomy book for kids

In order to ease the targets finding and to enrich the whole experience, Read added a helpful tools like sky maps, eclipse's schedule and more. A compulsory book for young astronomers!

This book have a new edition which is more kids friendly - I highly recommend to check it out!

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There's no place like space - All about our solar system (Tish Rabe)

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there is no place like space

The books series of “Cat in the hat's” is probably one of the most famous book's series in the world. Dr. Seuss is known as the most important children's books author in the USA, and I can say, that as someone who grew up in Israel, he also affected me a lot, and he is very known and beloved among Israeli children.

Tish Rabe and Aristides Ruiz the illustrator, made here a very good job. This book takes the readers to a journey in the solar system through the planets. The journey is both educational, full of informative data,and both literary, as expected from Dr. Suess books.

To my opinion, the con of this books is that it remains at the solar system boundaries, not dealing with interesting cosmic topics like black holes, galaxies, and so. But we should also remember that the big advantage of this book is the writing style, and the ability of taking the beginning readers to an breathtaking adventure.

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The Everything Kids' Astronomy Book (Kathi Wagner, Sheryl Racine)

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the everythings kids astronomy book

When I composed this list, I've tried to only add books with some renovations, like practical tools, special maps and so - in order to make the list interesting and surprising.

At first glance, the book seems to be typical informative book for children, but infact, it's also includes some special activities like Trivia, Puzzle, and more. The cover is very colourful and attractive, and it's even glow in the dark (!), but the pages of the books seems to have a lack in colours and images.

the everythings kids astronomy

Yet, I've decided to add this book to the list, because it is still very beloved and popular among consumers. This book is an excellent choice for curious kids, and parents that looking for educational activities with their children.

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There are plenty of astronomy books for kids out there - adult knows that astronomy is probably the most attractive science topic, and there was many attempts to make this knowledge accessible for children. The list above conclude the 5 most popular astronomy books for kids as far as I know. I've tried to diversify as much as I could - You'll find also informative encyclopedic books, ,practical books for young stargazers, and bedtime stories. I'm sure your kids will find each one of these books spectacular, and hope you'll enjoy too!

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